Dr. Vipender Sabherwal

Consultant Laparoscopic & General Surgeon

Dr. Davinder Sabherwal

Consultants Physician & Chest Specialist

Dr. Savita Sabherwal

Consultant Gynecologist

Dr. Savita K Sabherwal

Consultant Obst. & Gynecologist.

Dr. I.C. Upreti

Consultant E.N.T. Surgeon

Dr. Ajit Kumar Talukdar

Consultant Internal Medicine

Dr. Ravi Prakash

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Sumanto Chatterjee

Consultant Neurologist

Dr. Anuj Kumar Singal

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr. Manav Manchanda

Consultant Pulmonologist

Dr. Amish Vora

Consultant Oncologist

Dr. Neeraj Chaudhary

Surgical Gastroenterologist

Dr. Amber Khaira

Consultant Nephrologist

Dr. Anil Thakwani

Consultant Oncologist (Chemotherapy)

Dr. Abhinav Agrahari

i Consultant Neurosurgen

Dr. MD. Nadeem Akhtar

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Naveen Saith

Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Anchal Walia

Consultant Radiology

Dr. Pankaj Mehta

Consultant Plastic Surgen

Dr. Harsh Kapoor

Consultant-Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Dr. Vinay Samuel Gaikwad

Consultant Oncosurgen

Dr. Mandeep Singh Malhotra

Consultant Oncosurgen (Head &

Dr. B.L. Bhan

Sr. Consultant Urology

Dr. Rajeev Om Prakash

Consultant General Surgen

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