• Rhinoplasty

    Nasal reconstruction, most popularly known as a "nose job," is a cosmetic surgery treatment for modifying and repairing the nose. Reconstructive surgery is used to repair the shape and functionality of the nose, whereas cosmetic surgery is used to alter the nose's appearance. Reconstructive surgery aims to treat nasal damage brought on by a variety of traumas, such as blunt, penetrating, and blast-related trauma.

    Furthermore, respiratory issues, congenital deformities, and unsuccessful initial rhinoplasties can all be treated with reconstructive surgery.Rhinoplasty can treat injuries, congenital abnormalities, or other issues that impede breathing, such as a deviated nasal septum or a sinus disease. It can also remove a hump, decrease the nostril width, adjust the angle between the nose and the mouth, and remove bumps from the nose.

    A septoplasty is surgery that is limited to the septum.In both closed and open rhinoplasty procedures, a plastic surgeon, otolaryngologist, or oral and maxillofacial surgeon (jaw, face, and neck specialist) separates the nasal skin and soft tissues from the nasal framework, modifies them as needed for form and function, sutures the incisions, uses tissue glue, and either applies a package or a stent to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and proportionately sized nose.

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