• Plasma Exchange

    You can "clean" your blood by undergoing plasma exchange, sometimes referred to as plasmapheresis. Kind much resembles renal dialysis in operation, The liquid component of your blood, called plasma, is replaced during therapy with plasma from a donor or a plasma replacement.

    Plasma exchange is used by people with some types of multiple sclerosis to control unexpected, severe episodes, sometimes known as relapses or flare-ups. Some proteins in their plasma may be harming their own body. These proteins are eliminated from the body when the plasma is removed, which may improve symptoms.Plasma exchange can be done either in a hospital or an outpatient facility. No anaesthetic is required, and the procedure is not uncomfortable.

    You'll either sit in a recliner or lay in bed . A catheter, which is a tiny tube linked to a needle, is inserted into a vein in each arm by a nurse or medical professional. You might need to have a needle inserted in your shoulder or groyne if the veins in your arms are too tiny.

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