• Endoscopic surgery

    The liver, gall bladder, CBD, stomach, small and large intestines, appendix, adrenals, and other organs can all be operated on during open and laparoscopic endoscopic abdominal surgery.

    An endoscopy is a medical treatment that allows doctors to see within the body. An endoscope is used during the endoscopic process to see inside an organ or other hollow bodily cavity. Endoscopes are introduced directly into the organ, unlike many other types of imaging procedures in medicine.Endoscopies come in a variety of varieties. An endoscopy may be carried out by a surgeon or a doctor, depending on the location in the body and kind of treatment.

    During the operation, a patient may be completely aware or under anaesthesia.Most frequently, an examination of the upper digestive system known as an esophagogastroduodenoscopy is referred to as an endoscopy.

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