Critical Care

Intensive care treatment and management of critically ill/compromised patients, infectious diseases, drug overdose and poisoning and other medical emergencies like Septicemia, diabetic ketoacidosis, shock of any kind, meningitis, pneumonia etc. b. Management of chronic diseases:

Involves multi-system discussion by senior consultant of department of medicine Coordination between different specialist and holistic care of patients

Infectious diseases like:
Malaria, Typhoid fever, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Dengue fever, influenza etc. (Investigated in depth and treated)

Management of drug overdoses and poisoning: Active involvement of faculty in providing emergency care
Modern and world class standard intensive care unit with step down intensive care wards. Efficient nursing care of two to one patient and nurse ratio.

Environmental disease management: Includes diseases due to Industrial chemical exposure, drowning, electrical injuries, radiation injuries, snake bite, lizard bite, dog bite, insect or scorpion bite are treated in department on Internal medicine.

Non-IN visit (TMT Alter ECHO) available with round the clock cardiologic

Allergy workup and management: Allergy testing
Immunotherapy offered to selected difficult cases of Bronchial asthma, Rhinitis and other diseases.

Pre-operative checks: before any surgery in order to diagnose any potential problems pre operatively to: optimize patient’s condition Senior consultants of department are involved in preoperative checks in addition to anesthetists’ assessment Diagnose and manage new and existing medical problems prior to surgical procedures and afterwards. consultants are available to take on spot decisions for treatment of patients

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